30/30 Poetry Challenge Poem 16: Colors of America 2020

Blue or Pink?

Or neither?

Or both?

Why does it matter to you?

Black? Brown? Yellow?
Lives matter.

Does blue count?
Blue is a choice
No one chooses black or white or brown or yellow or rainbow

Lives matter.

Red or blue?

Which party?

Red or blue?

Red or blue?

You have to choose one side or the other

Red or blue?

Red or blue?

Make a choice

Red or blue?

Red or blue?

Are you friend or foe?

Red or blue?

Red or blue?

Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Red or blue?

Red or blue?

If you were to be cut on a blade of green grass, you’d bleed

Red is the color of blood
Blood runs through all of our veins

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean
That we all can see and touch and experience

We paint our lives with colors
All of the colors
Not one color exists independent of the others
All exist in the same world
The same country
The same state
The same city
The same neighborhood
The same household

We give these colors meaning
I know what they mean to me
Do they mean the same thing to you?

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30/30 Poetry Challenge Day 15: Library of Us

I can read his emotions, intentions and thoughts like my favorite book

I gave him access to the book of me and he became my most avid reader

We shared our collective knowledge and decided to build a library

Filled with titles written in our own made up language

New entries are written every day

New chapters and books and volumes yet to be written

The library of us is under construction and open for business

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Smash the Glass (version 2)

When you were born you were handed a glass

Filled with your possible potential

Was it half empty or half full?

It doesn’t matter

Your glass should be full

Throughout your life

Some experiences added plenty to your glass, fueling your fire to move forward

Some missteps spilled a couple of drops from your cup upon your feet

And some people greedily took long and deep gulps and savored taking your potential for themselves

And what is left?

It doesn’t matter

smash the glass that was given to you at birth and make your own

A glass that was made to fit in your own two hands and is big enough to carry all of your potential

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30/30 Poetry Challenge Day 14: Smash the Glass

When I was born I was handed a glass

Filled with my perceived potential

Was it half empty or half full?

I didn’t care

All I knew was that I wanted my glass full

Throughout my life

Some experiences added plenty to my glass, fueling my fire to move forward

Some missteps spilled a couple of drops from my cup upon my feet

And some people greedily took long and deep gulps and savored taking my potential for themselves

And what is left?

I don’t care

I aim to smash the glass that was given to me at birth and make my own

A glass that was made to fit in my own two hands and is big enough to carry all of my potential

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30/30 Poetry Challenge Day 13: Quiet

I don’t remember the last time my mind was 


When the echoes of second guesses and insecurities weren’t the omnipresent soundtrack to

My days

And nights

And the moments between

Predicting the emotions and reactions of the people around me and bracing for what could be

Always aware of what I said, what I should have said and what I didn’t say all at once

Always aware of the passing of time and what I’m not doing with it and what I should be doing with it and getting upset that I’m not doing those things

Remembering all the times I’ve been mad, sad, wronged, ignored, frustrated and feeling it all again like it had happened 2 seconds ago, when in reality, it happened 2 years ago

I would spend my free time paralyzed in place 

getting turned around and tangled up in non sequitur nonsense with my problem at the core

But now 

I sit down and drink my tea and it’s


I can form a single thought 

I can calmly pick a problem and begin to untangle the knot it’s become after years of being shoved into the back pockets of my mind

I know there are bad days to come…there will be more good days too

But right now, 

I hold onto the peace and enjoy the


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30/30 Poetry Challenge Day 12: When I Grow Old

When I grow old

I want to have coffee stained teeth and the faint smell of foreign whiskey on my breath left over from an intimate night with loved ones and strangers alike

I want my skin to be a tapestry that details my loves, my beliefs, my travels and my journey

I want to continue to adorn myself in interesting garments that I feel exemplify my mood of the day because it gets me excited in the mornings

I want to be the sharp and vibrant truth-spitting old lady with the house full of cool art stuff, so many books you wonder if I’ve read them all and abandoned writing instruments strewn haphazardly about

I want a visit to my house to mean good conversations and good food

I want to be the epitome of comfortable and calm and alive

I’m positioning the pieces of my life to form a path towards her…

Would you call me impatient if I wanted to be her now?

Why wait until I’m old to be that person?

I am older today than I was yesterday, right?

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30/30 Poetry Challenge Day 11: Spare Parts

My lips are sealed

I vowed

never to speak your name again

When our connection was severed

Our connection went out

You walked out of my life carrying a piece of my tongue with you

So you can hear my voice when you missed me

One by one

People came and left

Taking a piece of my voice with them

Leaving me with

no tongue

No vocal cords

No breathe in my lungs

I so desperately wanted to break my vow of silence

So I learned a different language

To communicate


Some good Samaritans

Lend me their parts

To try and help

Some gave me a piece of themselves in passing

Some have stayed to see what I’m like

when I’m whole again

When I’m whole again

What will my first words be?

Will you be around to hear them?

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30/30 Poetry Challenge Day 10: Grown-Up Doll

I’ve grown tall enough

To reach the prettiest doll on the shelf

The one I looked at and said “when I grow up, I wanna be just like her”

I’m full sized now

She’s just within reach

I’ve dreamt of finding a way to

Climb inside her frame

To be them

To wear her outershell and pretend it was my own

I hope I fit into it

I hope she looks good on me

Now that I see her up close

Through adult eyes

The more I look at her face

She kind of looks like me

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30/30 Poetry Challenge Day 9: Today

How am I today?

I walked in the sunlight today

The sun kissed my skin and I smiled to the faces of my neighbors through my mask

Heard the wind rustling through the trees

The birds chirp their daily songs of celebration for surviving to see today and the prospect of thriving tomorrow

And my heart sang with them

That’s how I’m doing today

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30/30 Poetry Challenge Day 8: Buried Alive

Every fiber of my being feeling

Suspended in amber

Wanting to be buried so far deep in the ground

That I forget what sunlight looks like

My calcified bones draped with

Limp muscle tissue

My skull filled with

An over saturated sponge-like mush

Despite the state of my mind, body and soul

Somewhere in that mess

Some part of me remembers

What the sun feels like

And reminds me

To breathe

Breathing reminds me

I’m still here

If I keep breathing

Eventually the oxygen will reach

My brain

To shake the dirt from my bones

And activate my almost atrophied muscles

To move again

And dig

back towards where the sun shines

So I can feel the life-giving rays of hope on my skin again

I’m a warm blooded creature

I wasn’t meant to be buried and forgotten in the cold ground


I’m still alive

I’m still here

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